Sunday, October 9, 2011

I wandered too far and walked alone. I was scared of almost all the things but above all I was scared of darkness.
 One day I was traveling and it was sunny evening. Day was closing and It was going to be dark soon. I hid myself in a room so I wouldn't have to face it. As time was passing and night was ending its journey, one really scared girl entered in my room. I saw her shivering with fear. She was hiding. It was almost morning. I went to her to console "who are you, what are u scared of “she replied "I am darkness of night and light is what I am scared of". I was amazed to see my fear standing in front of me and shivering with fear. I replied "I used to think, you are the strongest as every man on earth is scared of darkness. Even the strongest among men can lose their path and them self in you." She smiled in sadness "People lose their paths and them self in light as well. This doesn't make me strong" Some think enlightened my mind but I continued "If you would have been scared of light you will never come out and there will always be a light." She again smiled "Time makes a person strong; I would wait and face my fear on perfect time and I will rise again.

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