Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what was it he was trying to hide
He was saying something or he lied

His eyes were deep like ocean filled with water
As if he had seen many men being slaughtered

Faith on God was funny thing for him
He used to laugh when I said it's a sin

I wish I could find Path to his sorrow
but that road was dark and it was narrow

generous heart filled with pain
I saw him once singing in rain

he was a true friend sharing his last bread
He was known among enemies and they were scared

He never prayed but used to watch dieing sun
As if Catholic man doing his daily confession

His love "Veenat" left him and it was mystery
He couldn't escape from shadows of his history

He cared about weak and it was his fight
It was absurd cause he never believed in wrong and right

His strength was unbreakable , Fighting till he is alone
He kneeled down when all that he build up was fallen

Bruises of his heart he was trying to hide
For Last time when I met him, with moist eyes he smiled and said good bye