Saturday, October 23, 2010

I wrote this poetry when I read 'Blind faith' from Sourav C. Pandey. I thought that poetry was incomplete and it should have ended in positive manner so I tried to write further. But I ended it in sorrow. I love happy endings but I did not know why I wrote sad ending for this poetry. I wish I could write as good as Sourav.
This is further to blind faith

And even though I can't feel
Somehow I still b.e.l.i.e.v.e
I wander in darkness for search of light
I know I will reach but doesn’t feel right
Dark cloud of doubt covers my heart
Mind keeps telling , take a new start

Why can't i get rid off, Dam this blindfold
I feel every faces, crocked and sold
I whisper to my God and prayed in darkness
show me light Ohh light goddess
Its a dark well, nowhere to go
I screamed 'please somebody show'
Suddenly someone pulls me out of well
And path toward light is revealed
He unfolds blindfold from my eyes
All my real past faith turns into lies
I love my angel who showed me light
Oh my love I never letting you go out of my sight
his eyes became mine And truth became his word
line between wrong and right became blured
oneday an enemy brings out a magical mirror
showing it to me, sayin "I am ur savior"
Mirror had a image of blind girl
Whose eyes were bleeding, covered with blindfold
suddenly my heart felt jerk of fear
I fell down, nobody was near
what was my love and where it went
lost in time , Into long heartache
now i don’t trust on things I see
I forgot the love, how it used to feel
Shutting all my doors, my heart was sealed
Grief and sorrow with what I am filled
but there is light inside my heart, Saying ‘ I live’
I know I will find you, this belief stayed still